Chicago Kedzie Plaza Mural: We Rise by Lifting OthersTenants and neighbors of Matanky’s Chicago Kedzie Plaza are enjoying a new addition to the center: a vibrant mural along West Chicago Avenue.

Together with Brandin Hurley Designs, Matanky conceptualized a design that combined elements of the local Humboldt Park neighborhood and well-known symbols for the City of Chicago. The mural features the quote, “We Rise by Lifting Others. Be Humboldt,” is set along lively, floating balloons. The balloons feature local elements such as the Chicago flag and the center’s name, Chicago Kedzie Plaza. Additionally, a few of the balloons are set off to the side as interactive so that guests can “hold” the bundle in photos.

Paige Raymond, Marketing Associate for Matanky Realty Group, was the brain behind the mural. Her initial idea of incorporating rising balloons alongside the quote, propelled the design.

“Our goal was to design something the entire neighborhood could connect with and take pride in,” said Raymond. “Matanky Realty Group is continuously brainstorming ways to help shape the communities in which our centers reside, but it takes a village (pun intended). We hope our message inspires the community to do what they can to help lift Humboldt Park, specifically by shopping locally.”

The mural was unveiled at the 2018 Chicago Kedzie Fun Fair, an annual back to school event put on by the center. Visit the mural and share your pictures with #WhatLiftsYou and #ChicagoKedziePlaza. For more news on what makes Matanky, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.