Matanky Realty Group (MRG) Senior Vice President of Sales and Development Terri Cox, announces the signing of a ten-year lease within Bishop Plaza, located on 47th & Bishop in Chicago, to the US leader in human plasma collection, CSL Plasma. This deal came to fruition through cooperative efforts between MRG and Jeffrey Maza of Cushman & Wakefield, who worked as CSL Plasma’s representative.

CSL Plasma, founded in 1998 by parent company CSL, currently possesses more than three hundred plasma collection centers globally. They employ 12,000+ individuals and strive to advance their plasma collection technologies and practices to enhance the donor and employee experience. The need for constant innovation serves as a guiding light within CSL, which ultimately drives the biotech company to develop more efficient and effective means of collecting and providing the plasma that produces life-saving medicines to tens of thousands of people around the world. Operating as the world’s largest plasma collector requires organization and plenty of room to grow, therefore, finding a space that fulfilled CSL Plasma’s extensive requirements posed as a challenge. Our team at MRG assessed their needs and presented a commercial property that exceeded expectations.

CSL Plasma selected a 13,252 SF space, unit 1418 within Bishop Plaza, which is situated beside Aviva Wholesale and across from a U of I Health medical facility which currently operates as a general practitioner’s office. This space converted into a medical facility which possesses the materials and layout necessary to best serve the employees and plasma donors of CSL both functionally and aesthetically.

Prior to this portion of Bishop Plaza becoming a multi-unit center, the building operated as a Walmart. The new structure allows this facility to house multiple storefronts for necessity-based clients such as medical facilities, government services, and national retail tenants. The large amount of local traffic paired with the neighboring CTA bus stop and ample parking space make this shopping center and its commercial tenants highly visible and easily accessible to the public.

Matanky Realty Group feels honored to continue to shape communities by serving the neighborhoods of Chicago as we have done since 1955. We are thrilled to have a new addition to our success story, and we have the utmost confidence that CSL Plasma will find great success within Bishop Plaza.