On Monday, November 15th, Matanky Realty Group (MRG) debuted the new and improved MRG website at Matanky.com. Designed to enhance the overall user experience, this website possesses a significant number of updates and enhancements. Website improvements include making website navigation more intuitive, optimizing the property database, including contact forms and information in more accessible areas, and improved search engine optimization (SEO) help to make user interactions friendlier and more convenient.

Though the sleek and stylish appearance of this website may be the first thing noticed when checking it out, the multitude of new features will impact users the most by facilitating a more modernized and informative CRE discovery and research experience.

Throughout the process of creating and developing the MRG website, the ever-present and essential question, “How can we improve the user experience?”  drove many of the decisions made. Revisiting this question frequently led to constant re-examination of the website through the user perspective lens, often prompting the re-structuring or addition of areas and features throughout the site. One area in particular which received an  extensive update is the property listings database which now feeds from Buildout Marketing, a centralized marketing hub for CRE firms. This tab contains within it the latest information on all of MRG’s commercial properties, both for sale and for lease, and includes search and filter tools that aid in creating a more streamlined experience for the user. Serving as a one-stop-shop digital destination for finding a commercial property that fulfills the user’s needs, this tab optimizes the user search experience to make locating a property as painless as possible.

Accessibility and convenience are key factors in creating an efficient and enjoyable user experience, so we felt it necessary to include forms and buttons throughout the site that directly take the user to pages connecting them with our realty or property management teams. Finding a way of connecting and communicating with an MRG team member is now as simple as a couple clicks. We developed the website to be easier to find on the Web through advanced SEO (search engine optimization), which remained a large area of focus throughout this process.

MRG is proud to publicly announce the official launch of the new Matanky website here at Matanky.com. We hope you visit this site to check out what we’ve been working on for the past few months and enjoy the many new developments while you’re there. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions. Happy browsing!