How to Get Your Property Ready for Summer

Jul 6, 2016

Your building’s appearance is the first impression potential clients, customers, or buyers will have of you. By taking care of your commercial property, you will portray a better image of who your business is. Below are eight tips to get your commercial property ready for the summer.

Interior Deep Cleaning — A deep clean of the commercial building’s interior from the HVAC and ductwork to the carpet and floors, drapes and blinds, and even the upholstery, will remove mildew, dust, allergens and bacteria and improve the overall air quality of the building.

Pressure Wash — The most effective way to clean the exterior of a commercial property is with a power washer. Power wash all the outside surfaces—walls, sidewalks, parking lot—to remove weather stains, grease, mold, mildew, graffiti and more. A clean property protects your investment and leaves a lasting impression on employees and visitors.

Sweeping — Trash, dirt, leaves and rocks will always carry with the wind, and they can be an eyesore and corrosive to the surfaces upon which they remain. Make sure to sweep your parking lot and/or sidewalks consistently. If they aren’t maintained properly, the dirt can eventually be tracked into the building, which can cause damage to carpets and other interior surfaces. Don’t forget to sweep a garage or patio as well if your property has one.

Window Washing — Dirt builds up when windows are subject to rain, hail and other precipitation. Windows can make a commercial property look dingy if they aren’t cleaned well, but when they are maintained, it shows a building takes pride in its appearance.

Landscaping — Summer is a great time to do some general landscaping such as planting flowers, adding a fresh topping of mulch and maintaining the bushes or other greenery. Landscaping adds a nice touch to a commercial building. It’s also a good time to fill in any cracks or potholes and repave the sidewalk if need be.

Painting — If you have paint that’s chipping or in need of a new layer, now is a good time to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior during the warm weather.

Roofing — Check the roof for any damages, leaks, cracks or clogged gutters/drainage issues and get any serious problems fixed immediately since roofing problems can lead to more building problems.

Take Photos — Summer is the best time to get photos of your property. Whether you're selling now, in the future, or even not planning to sell at all, your property will no doubt look it's finest during these warm sunny months. Not only is weather more compliant with the rules to take good photos, but if there is any greenery or plants around your building, they'll be in full bloom and color making your building look bright and inviting.

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