Grand Blvd Plaza Has New Tenants!

Jun 8, 2016

June 8, 2016 | Chicago, IL -Pizza Hut and Accurate Biometrics will be opening Summer of 2016 as the latest tenants of Grand Boulevard Plaza, 5401 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60609!

Pursued by Matanky Realty Group brokers Terri Cox and Scott Levinson, Pizza Hut will be moving into the plaza this July and Accurate Biometrics this August. Located right off the Dan Ryan Expressway, they will be joining other national tenants such as Walgreens, Foot Locker, GameStop, and Family Dollar.

About Pizza Hut: "At Pizza Hut, we don’t just make pizza. We make people’s days. Pizza Hut was built on the belief that pizza night should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do. What’s our purpose at Pizza Hut? Moments of Excitement. All made possible by our flavor, innovation and, most importantly, by unlocking potential in our team members.With more than 55 years of experience under our belts, we understand how to best serve our customers through tried and true service principles. Instead of following trends, we set them. We create food we’re proud to serve and deliver it fast, with a smile. We’re the people who first delivered pizza to the White House. We put a pizza in outer space. We took social media by storm. Our ordering app was featured in an iPhone commercial. Pizza Hut stands for bold innovation."

About Accurate Biometrics: One of only 13 companies in the U.S. chosen by the FBI to be awarded a contract for fingerprint “channeling” services for clients throughout the United States. Accurate Biometrics was the FIRST channeling agency approved to provide FBI criminal history responses to an individual pursuant to Departmental Order 556-73. They provide live scan fingerprinting as well as name check processing, fingerprint card processing, ink & roll fingerprinting, and National-International fingerprint processing. "We utilize our own staff of fingerprint technicians, or certified agents, so we take full responsibility and control over data input and fingerprint capture quality. This also allows us to send our technicians to a customer’s location for special group fingerprinting sessions. These “On-Site Specials” are often utilized by our customers and are greatly appreciated, especially with today’s current price of fuel and travel time. Our fingerprint process is convenient and efficient and provides our clients with criminal background checks from state repositories and the FBI in a matter of hours. We have captured and transmitted over 1,000,000 sets of fingerprints for over 1,400 satisfied organizations. By Illinois Legislative Authority, Accurate Biometrics was the only member of the Live Scan Fingerprint Services industry appointed to the Illinois Department of Public Health Criminal History Task Force whose mission was to review and report to the General Assembly on the statewide criminal history request process and provide recommendations for system improvements. This task force met monthly January through December 2010 and concluded with a comprehensive report to the Illinois General Assembly in January 2011."

This plaza has only 3 spaces left available! If you're interested in learning more please reach out to Terri Cox or Scott Levinson or give us a call at (312) 337-1001.