Matanky Realty Group Renovation in Park Forest

Oct 19, 2015

Aug 04, 2008 | Chicago, IL - Matanky Realty Group is renovating the downtown Park Forest Movie Theater and Retail Complex in Park Forest, IL. Park Forest Plaza shopping center was originally designed in 1949 as one of the nation’s first regional shopping centers. It served for decades as the downtown to the planned community of Park Forest. Park Forest was honored in 1954 as an “All-American City” for its citizens' help in the creation of Rich Township High School and again in 1976 for racial integration and open housing initiatives. Over several decades, surrounding communities lured residential and retail from Park Forest. Park Forest however, has retained its quaintness and is going through community renovation. Matanky Realty Group is a partner in this program. Terri Cox of Matanky says, “Park Forest is middle town America. The community needs and deserves a safe, interesting, inviting downtown where you can walk to the local movie theater to see a show at a reasonable price, shop, meet your friends, get a bite to eat and enjoy yourself without leaving your community. In today’s economy that is what will hold communities together.” New urbanism in its original form. Matanky’s renovation of the Park Forest Theater building downtown involves making the property accessible from four sides, including the new Main Street and the former parking field. Matanky is adding retail and office space, from 275 to 8,050 square feet, in the new front as well as adding a new façade, landscaping and parking. With this transformation Matanky Realty Group is approaching boutiques, hardware stores, pizzerias, Mexican, Chinese and family restaurants and community friendly tenants. Not only will the theater building be beautiful, it will support the tenant mix Park Forest needs and desires. If you are interested in becoming part of the Park Forest community with your business or restaurant, you may contact Terri Cox at 312-337-1001 to discuss available opportunities.