Newly For Lease: 63rd & St. Louis

Feb 8, 2016

February 5th, 2016 | Chicago, IL - Matanky Realty Group has acquired the exclusive right to lease the property located at 3501-3517 W. 63rd St., Chicago, IL 60629. Our own Terri Cox and Zach Slagle will be finding quality tenants for the new building. This 24,600 square foot lot was finished with development in 2015 and is now a sleek, modern building with office and retail space available for leasing!

The 2-story building is a prime location for any business. Less than 3 miles from Midway International Airport and the beautiful Marquette Park, the store-front spaces sit at the corner of W. 63rd St. and S. St. Louis St with plenty of window front. While the second floor will soon be occupied by a women's shelter, the first floor, including two spaces consisting of 1,775 SF and 2,140 SF, are still available.

Please reach out to Terri Cox or Zach Slagle with any leasing and property questions. You may also view the full property details here.