Bucktown Academy Deal in Chicago’s Neighborhood – Wicker Park 

Bucktown Academy Deal by MRG

Matanky Realty Group (MRG) is excited to announce the expansion of Bucktown Academy into space 1903 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, IL! MRG broker Mary Bonome worked diligently to secure this prime space for the preschool. For over a decade, Bucktown Academy has occupied the space at 1905 N Milwaukee Ave in the vibrant NW Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park. The owner of the successful childcare learning academy approached MRG to inquire about availability in a neighboring space in an effort to gain more room and resources to meet their ever-growing demand. With the help of MRG, Bucktown Academy was able to remain in its current location while simultaneously fulfilling its need for growth – an ideal situation for the education center. This location provides the academy with excellent exposure, easy access, high foot and vehicle traffic counts, and fantastic surrounding demographics – all essential components for any successful business. The expansion into the neighboring space will preserve these benefits and allow Bucktown to better serve the surrounding community’s needs by providing them the resources necessary to increase their student age bracket to children 2-5 years of age. 

This pre-kindergarten distinguishes itself from other early-learning facilities with its firm belief in the power of play-based learning. Bucktown Academy’s centers its educational approach around fun games and activities that cater to children aged 2-5, which help them develop essential skills and knowledge in the years before entering kindergarten. By creating a joyful and engaging environment, Bucktown ensures that its students are set up for success in their educational journey. 

Bucktown Academy’s expansion into this new space writes an exciting new chapter for the preschool that will open the door to new opportunities for the academy, its current patrons, and nearby families. Matanky Realty Group and Broker Mary Bonome extend thanks to Bucktown Academy for the opportunity to assist with this deal and secure a space that will enable both the early-learning business and its students to grow and blossom for years to come. 


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July 21, 2023