Whether you’re pursuing a first-time venture or are looking for a second opinion, Matanky Realty Group is here to provide you with expert guidance. We offer you a menu of retail consulting services designed to coach and mentor small business owners and their management teams.

Our consultants have decades of operational and leadership experience in the grocery, food and retail industries. Skilled marketing and financial professionals are also available on staff to provide as needed guidance.

Our specialists will lead you through business strategy development and targeted operational improvements that will help you grow your sales, and your profits.

Matanky’s retail consultants can assist you with:

• Business plans
• Financial budgets
• Marketing and advertising strategy
• Municipal government agency relations
• Staff recruitment and retention
• Store merchandising plans
• Pricing strategy
• Supply Agreement Negotiations
• Operation Standards and Procedure Development

Don’t waste time and money implementing a plan that may not work, contact our retail consultants today.

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