Matanky Realty Group proudly announces the lease signing of 2811 N Narragansett Ave located within the Belmont Central neighborhood. The fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s and MRG recently struck a deal that will supply the residents of Belmont Central with classic hamburgers and Frosties for the next two decades at minimum.

Since 1955, Matanky Realty Group continues to provide the neighborhoods of Chicago with businesses that positively contribute to the dynamic of the surrounding local establishments and inhabitants. We believe that Wendy’s will add value to the neighborhood and that the business will prosper at this location. This property fulfills all the needs of a quick-service restaurant, including the dense population of the surrounding neighborhoods and the popularity of nearby retail tenants, which contribute to this property’s appeal. Being located on the corner of Narragansett and Diversey Ave, this highly visible and accessible location  consequently falls within a heavily trafficked zone. Visitors will discover an assortment of popular retailers within the vicinity of this Wendy’s location which will increase foot traffic for the restaurant.

At MRG, we understand that a leasing agreement impacts both the business that is leasing the property and the surrounding neighborhood. To ensure that Wendy’s was compatible with the needs of the surrounding residential area, the local community held several meetings. This gave community members the opportunity to involve themselves in this decision process and to provide input for the restaurant.

Matanky Realty Group feels honored to shape communities by serving the neighborhoods of Chicago. We are thrilled to have a new addition to our success story.

The team of individuals who are credited with this process and deal are,

  • Terri Cox of Matanky Realty Group
  • Brett Zimmerman and John Marc’s of Chicago Retail Brokers
  • Manager Marc Brutten of Brixton Capital
  • Broker Zach Slagle

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