The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has officially concluded its annual gathering in Las Vegas for 2023, where over 21,000 dealmakers and retailers met to discuss commercial real estate (CRE) opportunities, industry insights, and technological advancements within the field. This three-day gathering is considered to be the most substantial CRE event of the year because of its ability to draw many of the most influential professionals in the industry, and because of the myriad of dealmaking, educational, and networking opportunities that are presented throughout the conference. Because of ICSC Las Vegas’s importance and the potential it packs, throughout the many months leading up to this massive industry gathering, Matanky Realty Group (MRG) was hard at work booking appointments and creating a thorough game plan for this three-day event. MRG has attended this multi-day gathering for over two decades, yet each annual experience seems to bring with it surprises and fond memories to look back on. Join us as we recount our extraordinary adventure and share the highlights and memorable encounters that made ICSC Las Vegas 2023 an unforgettable experience for Matanky Realty Group’s team.

The Sunday-Tuesday conference was chockfull of memorable experiences largely due to the robust schedule that each MRG team member had each day. Over the two days that the Exhibit Hall was open, MRG’s team met with dozens of companies and individuals to discuss a variety of topics varying from our Midwest commercial real estate listings to new services that could potentially improve efficiency in certain areas for ourselves and/or our clients. After many hours of productive conversations over PB&J sandwiches and beverages (our signature), our team left the conference with over two hundred new leads. A great success to say the least!

After the educational sessions on Sunday and the conference on both Monday and Tuesday, there was no better way to celebrate the day’s victories and continue the networking than to attend after-parties. These parties were held at locations ranging throughout the Las Vegas Strip, meaning that we got our steps in! MRG even had a team member who walked more than a half-marathon by the end of day Monday which is credited to walking the exhibit hall during the day and attending the after-parties in the evening. Our team would like to give a big thank you to each of our pairs of sneakers! Comfortable shoes mean more opportunities at ICSC.

Outside of the after-parties, our team partook in a few team bonding activities while in Vegas. On Sunday night we had a great time dining as a team at the fabulous Mon Ami Gabi, and while there we even celebrated a team member’s birthday. Each night that we were in Vegas, an MRG group would get together to either hit the Casinos or walk the Strip, though some individuals were so lucky to be invited to dinners with old friends or attend a Ted Nugent concert at the last minute! Saturday morning was spent hanging poolside which was a wonderful change of pace from the Chicago Spring that we came from. When our team was not making deals and preparing for appointments, we were absolutely making the most of our few-day stint in Vegas!

ICSC Las Vegas is year after year an unforgettable experience that leaves Matanky Realty Group eagerly anticipating the next year’s gathering out of sheer excitement of new possibilities. After dozens of appointments, hundreds of new leads, multiple after-parties each night, and team bonding activities sprinkled in between, we can confidently say that we utilized our time at ICSC Las Vegas 2023 to its full potential. Thank you ICSC for the wonderful experience, and we look forward to attending again next year!