In the Spring of 2022, World Business Chicago appointed CEO of Matanky Realty Group James E. Matanky as a member of the Board of Directors. With this appointment, Matanky Realty Group joins forces with more than 100 other influential organizations including Aon, BP, Motorola, Google, Boeing, Ulta Beauty, and CareerBuilder.

About World Business Chicago

World Business Chicago serves as the City of Chicago’s public-private economic development agency. According to their website, the mission of the organization includes:

  • Driving inclusive economic development and job creation
  • Support businesses
  • Promoting Chicago as a prominent global city
  • Assisting local enterprises with opportunities to expand
  • Helping new businesses to start and grow.

Through this mission, World Business Chicago and the companies and nonprofit organizations which support it seek to make Chicago the most business-friendly city in the world. This serves to benefit all Chicago residents through “equitable economic development.” Chaired by the Mayor of Chicago, Lori E. Lightfoot, the Board of Directors and other staff and constituents of World Business Chicago, guided by research, focus on five key, high-growth industries as part of the economic development plan:

  1. food & agriculture
  2. manufacturing
  3. transportation, distribution, and logistics
  4. healthcare and life sciences
  5. fintech

Dovetailing into Our Mission

Matanky Realty Group, through our commercial real estate brokerage and development services, seeks to shape Chicago communities. Having the right business in the right location is what Matanky has done since 1955.

James Matanky states, “Becoming a part of this group of like-minded business leaders who share the mission of elevating Chicago as a premier place in which to start, grow, and expand business excites us. We look forward to continuing our work along with World Business Chicago with redoubled efforts to make the Windy City a global community and a place where one is proud to live and work.”

Matanky has served in leadership roles for other development organizations which positively impact the Chicagoland area including:

  • Chicago Stockyards Commission SSA#13 – Chairman
  • Chicago Housing Authority – Commissioner
  • Chicago Building Department – Advisory Panel
  • International Council of Shipping Centers Ambassador Program – North American Chair
  • Illinois Food Marketing Task Force – Member
  • Chicago Association of Neighborhood Development Organizations – Board Member

Learn more about World Business Chicago at If you are looking to start a business, expand your company, lease a property, or buy real estate, contact us today:

Edit: As of June 2023, James E. Matanky stepped down from his position on the Board of Directors for World Business Chicago, but continues to support their initiatives and overall mission.