The Scribe Tribe Expands Its Reach: Signs 4-Year Lease in Olympia Plaza

The Scribe Tribe Featured Image

Kristen R Harris “believes there’s a story inside of everyone”, which is the main factor that led her to launch her very own publishing group – The Scribe Tribe. This group of professional publicists is on a mission to reach and assist professional, amateur, or “maybe one-day” authors everywhere by guiding and mentoring them through the book publishing process. Whether an interested party has published a book before or simply has the bullet point “write a book” on their bucket list, the team at Scribe Tribe is dedicated to encouraging authors of all levels to bring their stories to life. In an effort to progress their company mission, Kristen made the decision to open the first-ever Scribe Tribe brick-and-mortar location. This location would allow her to expand her business operations and open the door to new opportunities. Finding the perfect space and location to support her business was essential, so Kristen made the choice to entrust Matanky Realty Group (MRG) with that job.

A physical location was absolutely necessary to achieve Kristen’s vision. She sought a space that could serve a variety of purposes. This multi-use space should feel welcoming and comfortable enough to host book-related gatherings and events, while also being conducive to her publishing business needs. As for the location, finding a property in a community she wants to serve, with high foot and vehicular traffic, compatible surrounding demographics, and high visibility were absolute priorities. When Kristen consulted MRG, Matanky Broker David Cordova was eager to help her find a space that met all of her needs. After viewing a few properties and careful consideration, the Scribe Tribe owner committed to the popular Chicago Heights shopping center – Olympia Plaza.

This Neighborhood center meets all of the criteria that Kristen requested and then some! A strong tenant mix, high foot and vehicle traffic largely stemming from the grocer within the center and located along a main Chicago Heights road. The location and space perfectly reflected what Kristen had envisioned, so much so that the Scribe Tribe owner decided to sign a 4-year lease. This commitment means that with Kristen’s help, authors of all experience levels within the community and beyond will have the opportunity to bring their dreams of publishing a book to life for the foreseeable future.

Though Scribe Tribe is not yet officially open for business, they are expecting to hold their Grand Opening in the coming weeks. Since early March of this year, the team has been working hard to remodel and prepare the space for its opening day, so this will surely be an event you don’t want to miss! The Scribe Tribe Publishing Group will bring a new dynamic to Olympia Plaza, specifically, a shop dedicated to creativity, collaboration and expression! To remain updated on the Scribe Tribe Grand Opening event and other Scribe Tribe news and information, visit their website by clicking here.

Thank you to The Scribe Tribe for allowing Matanky Realty Group the opportunity to find your publishing space. We look forward to watching you grow and succeed in the coming years and await the many stories that are bound to come from your business!

To learn more about The Scribe Tribe and visit their website, click here.