Regardless of industry, remaining competitive is a consistent theme in business. One of the key competitive advantages in the age of COVID-19 is the ability to take things digital. From tours to imaging, virtual meetings and beyond, the need to service customers anywhere isn’t just a theme for our tenants – the real estate industry as a whole has made the move virtual.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be conducted on a number of platforms, but our team favors more simplistic, and accessible, tools like FaceTime or Google Hangouts. These free resources allow the broker to show the space and communicate with the client however it fits their schedule. While these tours obviously reduce the spread of germs, they also cut down on the client’s time spent in traffic, or the possibility of getting distracted by another space. Plus, live video streams and tours are up to date with consumer preferences and they are faster, better and easier than in-person visits.

Virtual Imaging

Virtual imaging are static or interactive pieces of content that can be displayed in a central location like a website or on a listing service. We use a software called Matterport to capture 3D images so that users can “walk” through a space at their own convenience. Similar to virtual tours, virtual imaging can help users engage with your space without being physically inside it.

If someone is looking to buy or rent a property in a different state or even across the world, virtual tours and imaging are highly effective. Both of these tools show potential buyers any deal breakers that would hinder them from moving forward in the real estate process. They also weed out potential buyers who aren’t seriously interested in a property so an agent doesn’t waste his or her time scheduling an in-person visit. Additionally, these virtual methods can be effective when there is no time to waste traveling to the property and a decision can be made quickly in markets that are highly competitive.

Overall, videos are engaging and may give a sense of what a property is like without having to visit it. They sell both the property and the agent since it gives customers what they want—the latest resources to make the real estate buying and renting experience run more smoothly and quickly.

Because majority of buyers and renters search online for real estate properties before making a decision, it can be crucial for real estate professionals to provide up-to-date listings not just through quality images, but through video streams and tours to expand their business.

If you’re looking for commercial real estate properties in the Chicagoland area, page through our extensive property database, or contact us to discuss how we can help.