Streets are empty, stocks are volatile and toilet paper is hard to come by. In these difficult times, it can often feel like the world, or at least our industry, is ending. However uncertain, we’ve faced challenges of similar magnitude before. Commercial real estate as a whole is resilient. We’ve persevered and adapted; we’ve thrived during the Great Recession and pivoted in the digital age of retail.

Though needs and spaces change and demand ebbs and flows, retailers will continue to need space, companies like Amazon will still need distribution hubs and businesses will still need offices. In the meantime, we’re working to adapt our strategy so that we can continue to be safe and productive. Retail isn’t dead, but old strategies are.

Within the last month, Matanky Realty Group took on 9 new listings and 2 management contracts that alone account for over 1 million SF of retail space. Our clients expect us to lease and manage their properties, even in times of uncertainty. Here’s how we’re leveraging our time and resources to showcase space, attract tenants and close deals.

Take it Virtual
One of our biggest benefits is the abundance of technology at our fingertips. Whether we’re creating virtual tours or conducting showings over Facetime, we can all practice social distancing while continuing to work.

Snap Better Photos
Sometimes it’s easier to get the right shot when cars aren’t zooming by. We’re using this time to get interior photos, close up storefront shots and different angles that wouldn’t normally be possible in our busy shopping centers.

Provide Clients and Tenant with Resources
There’s a wealth of information available online, but with so many resources it can be overwhelming. We compiled a list of resources for tenants and small businesses that you can find here.

With everyone on edge, one of the best things we can do is communicate. Matanky Realty Group is keeping tenants, employees and clients consistently updated. We’re sharing any changes as we find out or decide upon them.

“We’ve been around since 1955, so this isn’t the first national crisis we’ve seen,” said CEO, James Matanky. “In times like these, we keep our ear to the ground while focusing on clear communication and cutting-edge marketing. Our goal is to weather the storm and come out stronger than before.”

There’s no playbook for COVID-19. The situation is changing day by day, and so are we. The best thing that companies can do is remain flexible and informed.

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