If you were to ask a local small business whether they want a responsive landlord or someone who’s difficult to reach, chances are they’d choose the former. For tenants large and small, having the ability to get immediate answers from a trustworthy source creates a positive rental experience that promotes long-term satisfaction and retention.


As experienced owners and property managers, we understand the key to being a proactive landlord is to be a good communicator. We seek to understand our tenants’ needs and meet them in a timely manner. By regularly checking in with tenants, we’re able to establish rapport and immediately address issues – two things our renters appreciate.

Fix the Problem

If an issue does arise, it’s important to resolve it promptly. Whether the problem can be handled by the landlord himself or outsourced, timeliness matters for two reasons: it results in happy tenants (which can lead to higher customer retention) and it prevents further issues from occurring (one problem can and usually has a domino effect of more problems if it isn’t taken care of properly.)

Perform Routine Maintenance

Regardless of issues, providing regular maintenance and inspections of a commercial property will keep a space up-to-date and running smoothly. Routine maintenance can also help you spot minor problems before they become catastrophic issues. If you don’t have the resources to regularly check in on your properties, consider hiring a property management firm to do the heavy lifting.

Show Appreciation

Small tokens of appreciation go a long way. Providing periodic gifts or notes to your best tenants is a great way to show how much you appreciate them and their business. We live in a world where everyone is on the go. Showing your gratitude can make all the difference.

Landlords should work tirelessly with and for their tenants to solve issues, budget for supplies and address emergency situations, create detailed operational strategies and always be available to their tenants.

Though this may seem like a never-ending list for a single landlord to handle, owners can shift the burden to an experienced property management firm like Matanky Realty Group. With decades of experience, we’ve seen the most common, and uncommon, issues that property owners and tenants face. Contact us to discuss how we can help you reinvest your time and alleviate property-induced headaches.