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As an experienced commercial broker representative, Matanky Realty Group serves as your partner, saving you time, money and headaches while guiding you through the transaction. We know that every real estate investment impacts your bottom line. We take the time to thoroughly understand your strategic goals and business objectives so that you can make the most informed decision for your money.

Matanky Realty Group has helped clients purchase investment opportunities as well as assisted with expansion and relocation efforts. Our clients range from large national REITs to local owners. Whether you’re a hands-on owner or an armchair investor, we know how to maximize value based on your desired goals.

As your Broker, Matanky Realty Group will provide a detailed analysis, search the market your criteria and prequalify prospects. We will schedule and facilitate tours that work conveniently with your schedule while consulting on how to best maximize the asset’s value and upside potential. As always, we will negotiate with your best interests in mind, attend property inspections and guide the process successfully to the closing.

We help you look at each transaction beyond the scope of the sale, so that you understand the long-term ramifications and potential value of each deal. Matanky Realty Group is here to guide you throughout the entire lifecycle of your property. Our team offers management, leasing and construction services so that you can achieve optimum results with cost effectiveness. In other words, we’ve got you covered.

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